Group Practice Startup Intro Course

Crash Course For Practice Owners Starting a Group Practice

Does this sound like you?

  • You have grown your solo practice successfully
  • You are thinking about starting a group practice and/or have started the process
  • You are overwhelmed with all the nitty gritty details of starting a group practice
  • And you're so over researching online, asking in Facebook groups, and guessing

Take a deep breath - the solution is right here.

The Group Practice Startup Intro Course has what you need to keep moving forward

You will learn:

  • the ins and outs of starting a group practice
  • what's important to consider before and during the beginning phases of starting a group practice
  • steps to take as you embark on your journey to hiring your first clinicians

Most of us don't take business courses in college, and so many practice owners that think about starting a group practice are unsure of how to do it. There's a growing awareness that figuring it out alone in business is just no fun (and not to mention, not smart).

That is where The Group Practice Startup Intro Course comes in.

We know what it takes to start a group practice. And we know what's needed to make it thrive. Take the guesswork out of starting your group practice and let us hand you key ideas, themes, questions, considerations, and to-dos so you know just how to start and get your group practice up and running.

Let us help you navigate this process.


Sign up for this 8 part mini course to help you start and grow your group practice. In each part, you will get information on various topics related to group practice ownership. Be prepared to be loaded with checklists and action items.

From the first step onward, you’ll feel prepared and aware of what you need to do to start your successful group practice.

What you'll learn:

  • Part 1 | Startup Checklist (figure out what you need to think about and do first--> you'll also download our SUPER task-y checklist, chock full with links and all!)
  • Part 2 | Systems/Organizational Structuring (what systems and structures do you need in place to run a smooth, seamless group practice? Find out here!)
  • Part 3 | Marketing (Marketing a group practice is nothing like marketing your solo practice. Let's talk about the two-pronged approach to marketing a group practice)
  • Part 4 | Hiring (Don't hire your first therapist until you know who your Ideal Clinician is--> download that worksheet and put a clear hiring process in place to heighten your chances of hiring success.)
  • Part 5 | Office Management (Nothing shouts disorganization and burnout more than having the group practice owner playing all roles in office management. It soon will be time to delegate.)
  • Part 6 | Insurance (Taking insurance? Starting a full fee group practice? Learn the ins and out of in network and out of network processes in group practice.)
  • Part 7 | Paperwork (What paperwork do you need? We will tell you.)
  • Part 8 | Money (Are your business finances in order? If not, it's time to do that before starting your group. If it is, learn best practices for thriving financially as a group practice.)

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