Lesson Curriculum:

  • Part One: Marketing 101
  • Part Two: Community Engagement

Marketing 101

Marketing is a key ingredient in growing a group practice. It is what starts and maintains good relationships with other providers and businesses. Marketing comes in all forms, from online presence, social media, and blogging to lunches with colleagues and visiting local businesses and providers (and everything in between).

Marketing tends to be the piece of the group practice ownership puzzle that practice owners have a hard time feeling confident about, but it doesn’t have to be! What’s important is to recognize and track what is working and what isn’t when you market.

What I have noticed is that there are two important ways to market within your group. One is marketing the individual clinicians that work in your group, their specialties as well as getting the community to recognize them. The second is to market your group as a whole, or your brand. Below I will discuss ways to market both, as there are ways to do both effectively.

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