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Do I get personal access to Maureen?

  • Maureen is very hands-on in the membership, plus monthly Q+As and office hours. While you may not get one-on-one access to Maureen, The Exchange is here to support and help you but we also have several expert contributors who are ready to support your growth too.

What if I decide that it’s not right for me?

  • If it’s not working out, you can cancel your membership at any time. Please note that you will be billed for the full subscription if you choose to cancel in the middle of a subscription.

What if I can’tmake it to one of the training sessions or Q+As?

  • No problem! Things get busy, especially as group practice owners. That’s why you also get access to an ever-growing library of session recordings and pre-recorded training videos and more!
  • Our member’s newsletter that goes out every Friday will also share the most relevant Q+A replay for you to watch for up to 2 weeks after the live date!
  • This gives you the opportunity to watch whatever you missed by a certain time period so you can stay on top of all the membership content!

I need help with endless amounts of paperwork. Can The Exchange help?

  • With over 90 editable documents, templates, and group practice-specific documentation for you to download and customize, The Exchange can definitely help ease the stress of paperwork and documentation.

What kind of support is offered?

  • There is a ton of support offered for group practice owners! Besides the weekly Q+A sessions with various experts, you’ll also get access to masterclasses held by Maureen, and special guests discussing group-practice-specific topics! And, a community of other group practice owners and peer-led accountability groups.

The Exchange is a place for growth, learning, and networking with group practice owners in all stages of their business, each one dedicated to growing a thriving and successful practice just like you!

Are you ready to join us?