Group Practice Owners, you’re local Meetups are here! Exchange members can host local meetups in their towns, so you can connect and collaborate-in person!


COVID-19 Disclaimer: While we are not opposed to connecting and networking during this time, we do highly encourage that all participants follow their specific state guidelines and mandates, in addition to gathering at least 6-feet apart, if meeting in person.


Here’s the scoop:

–> Any Exchange member can host a meetup. Just click “host a meetup” and set your date, time, location, and any other details into the event. If you want to have a max amount of attendees (if you decide to have it at your office or somewhere small, email admin at [email protected] and they can edit the count so only a certain amount can register).

–> Post the meetup in the Exchange Facebook group to let the group know you’re hosting. We will also make sure to check the meetup calendar and mention is in our monthly Exchange email digest.

–> This is peer-led. You control how often and when a meetup happens. The Exchange is just here to offer you the platform and group practice owners to connect with.

–> If you cannot attend an event you’re hosting, please be respectful of anyone who scheduled out time in their day to attend and either a) ask someone else to host or b) cancel the event with at least a day’s notice in the site and be sure to post the cancellation on the Facebook group or notify admins at [email protected] so we can send a member-wide email.

–> Be creative-you can host a midday brunch at a local restaurant, a night-time meetup at a local brewery or restaurant, or go all out with a bowling or axe throwing meetup, or keep it simple and host it at your office. Just be sure to note in the event the cost, if any (ie. “The cost is your meal, but feel free to join us and chat without buying dinner!” or “Bowling is around $10 per person per game, but you can come to mingle and not bowl if you’d like!”. Make sense? Good, now go meet some group practice owners, talk shop, connect, and have fun!

–> Don’t see a meetup in your state/city/town? Host one! It doesn’t need to be fancy or big. The purpose is to get small groups of group practice owners that are near one another together-in person!

–> Make sure to RSVP so the host knows approximately how many people are coming.

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