Lesson Curriculum:

  • Part One: Your Ideal Clinician
  • Part Two: Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding


Hiring staff is often viewed as a daunting process, one that conjures fear of hiring the “wrong person” or not knowing how to manage staff, pay clinicians, cope with staff leaving, keep everyone happy…and the list goes on. The good news is that all of this is manageable as a group practice owner once you figure your style out. As I have grown my group and gotten more comfortable with having staff, it has become easier for me to navigate the process of hiring clinicians and having things in place that help me hire clinicians who embody my group practice.

Today’s checklist will help you process what you need clinician-wise for your group practice and how to make sure your clinicians resemble the vision for your group practice. Hiring clinicians does not have to be overwhelming or exhausting. Take your time deciding on WHAT you need in a clinician BEFORE starting the process. Make sure you have a good contract written out before you start looking for a therapist, so that they are well aware of your expectations at the interview. You got this!

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